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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 1, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news." tonight disastrous driving this saturday with two major storms on the move. more than 100 cars crash. in the west the funnel cloud caught on tape. our extreme weather team on it all. the breaking news overseas. the phone call between president putin and president obama. as putin readies his military to move into crew yan. our correspondent right there asking who are the mysterious men gathering. down the drain. the escape route through the bathtubs. what we're seeing after the arrest of the drug lord wanted here in america. deadly dose. new questions about a new drug.
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why did the fda approve a pain killer after many of its owned a vice ors warned against it. could one pill put a child in danger? good evening and we do begin with fast moving developments. the volatile situation in ukraine tonight. will president putin move in with military might despite those warnings from the white house. we have learned of a phone call between president putin add obama. right there in the oval office. you can see right there, that call coming hours after president obama warned there could be a cost, in fact, would be one if russia makes any military movement we have two reports tonight. first abc's alex marquardt in ukraine where many are asking about the men in uniform gathering already. >> reporter: good evening. the russian military has been seen moving around here as mysterious unidentified pro russia militia groups continuing seizing government buildsings and airports.
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tonight the unrest is spreading. in one city today, pro-russia democrat administrators beat supporters of the new ukrainian government forcing then to kneel. children, too. their faces bloodied. across this part of eastern ukraine. flags on government buildings torn down and replaced with russia's. from crimea to eastern cities along russia's border, russian fervor is growing. their efforts fueled with russia's vote tonight authorizing military force in ukraine. there is no mistaking the mood here in crimea where most see themselves not as ukrainians but as russians and many would welcome the russian army with open arms. >> it's one people. russia. ukrainian, it's one people are you want the russian army to come here? >> it's our family. it's not russian army. it's our family.
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they protect us. >> reporter: as ukraine grows more and more divided president obama has warned russia against in military action. there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: that american warning falling on deaf ears in moscow. tonight's the president called for a calm but said the military at it's highest alert level. i want to bring in our chief correspondent, jonathan karl. working this breaking story on a saturday night. we heard the president from 24 hours ago warning putin. now we learn of this phone call. do we know anything about what was said? >> reporter: white house officials told me the president called on putin to withdraw russian forces back to their bases. according to to the white house the language used in this call was tough. the president called russian's action a clear violation and breach of international law. in terms of what he could do about it, the president raised the possibility the u.s. would cancel participation with
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russia. in upcoming meetings including that bick summit in sochi in june. you mentioned military options were off the table. does that remain the case tonight. >> absolutely. there is no discussion with u.s. military involvement whatsoever. >> john, thank you. now to our other big head line, the fierce weather coast to coast. heavy snow and ice battering the middle of the cut and moving east at this hour. out on the west coast rain causing havoc on the roads. in denver heavy snow triggering a fatal pile up. of more than 100 cars. a family walking away on foot. and to the west, so much rain outside los angeles. highways turning into rivers. the hills have been stripped by fire, rivers of mud filling the streets. our weather team on it all. we begin with alex perez in chicago. >> reporter: in just seconds a saturday morning turned to chaos in colorado.
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snow and ice blamed on that pile-up in denver killing at least one person after temperatures plummeted 42 degrees in just one day. in montana three people recovering in the hospital after an after avalanch came crashing into their homes. the entire town digging them out including an 8-year-old boy playing outside. another massive storm on the move. the winter just won't quit. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: this new storm narrow but long impacting 100 million people over some 1,500 miles. along the way snow ice and freezing rain from kansas in the central planes through the ohio valley and charging eastward jumping a wintry mix along the east code by monday. take a look at this. not even the niagara falls a match for mother nature's biting cold.
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6300% of the warters frozen. from arkansas to west virginia they are keeping an eye on power lines. this could lead to widespread power outages. >> alex from chicago. >> the rain continues in the west. tonight some families and neighborhoods return to their homes. abc's dave right in there tonight. david. >> reporter: good evening, david. technically california is still in its worst drought in more than a century, but over the past 48 hours we have had more rain that in the past year. it's hard to fathom that when this week began, california was bone dry. these torrential rains bringing unusual sights. a funnel cloud near sacramento and in santa cruise this blow hole in a driveway. the ocean right next to the house. strong surf and high tied creating a mini geyser here in the foot hills where fires burnt out the brush, mud slides.
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>> this is the plan. >> i don't want it coming this way. i want it going that way. >> reporter: yesterday ed and amanda were trying to barricade their home. >> mud is coming down. we have got to go. >> reporter: today they were back long enough to survey the damage and rescue the cat. >> my wife and i came by. i have got the cat. i'm glad to tell you. >> reporter: the silver lining, all that water is filling up the reservoirs. a month ago we showed you the reservoir. normally this one would be right up to the brim. as you can see the water level is way down. today still not quite full but it is much higher. but the drougt isn't over yet. it's too much water too fast. a lot of it is flowing straight into the ocean. as you can imagine the homeowners shell shocked by this. one month ago they survived the wild fires. only now, to be threatened by mud slides. david. >> thank you. i want to bring in meteorologist.
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shay ryan. great to have you. the two systems now combining and heading eastward. >> yes. take a look at the map. it's going to happen really quickly. that low over california combines with a cold front and now in the track it's going further south. heads up to the southeastern states. >> how much snow and ice? >> widespread four to eight inches. in the area darkest pink, eight inches up to a foot. there's the ice accumulation on top of that and there are going to be places at risk for up to three quarters of a inch of accumulation. >> and oosk the west the rain. >> take a look at these images. the tent over the red carpet. look at this. oscar covered in plastic. 24 hours from now will they be able to take the plastic off? >> they will. it's great timing. we're only looking at a chance of a pausing shower. and a temperature of 61. a hoofic seen in china
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entering a train station and taking aim. look at this image. a policeman taking charge. abc reporting in from beijing for us right now. >> reporter: according to to china's state run xinhua news a gang of men wielding moves dressed in black stormed the train station in kuhn ming. the capitol of china's yunnan province. survivors describing screens of blood shed. i saw a person come after me with a long knife and ran away. china gun laws with the toughest in the world. in recent years they have seen massive stabbings. a spree targeting school children. seven children died in one attack in 2010. the government has blamed some of the past attacks on the
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mentally unstable. individuals protesting the leadership. the motive for this attack is still unknown. gloria, abc news, beijing. difficult pictures tonight. back here at home where the u.s. justice department is now reviewing the death of a man who local authorities called accidental. but after his own family stepped in to find his body they reported their discovery an unexplained injuries. abc on the case tonight. >> reporter: the mysterious death of alfred wright is you should a microscope. the 28-year-old married father of three found dead in november in east texas. authorities said he died of a dug overdose, a finding his family rejects. >> that was not like alfred to run from his responsibilities. >> reporter: wright's body was found in an area police claimed they searched and a second autopsy conduct from the family found injuries that suggest homicide.
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so tonight federal prosecutors are now reviewing the case and will decide whether or not to open a full investigation. wright's family believes the investigation by the local sheriff who did not return calls today is flawed. >> they have not interviewed the family. they just didn't do the due diligence that you demand from law enforcement. >> reporter: in a letter urging the justice department to act, congress woman has said a documented history against african-americans a reference to the dragging murder of james bird in jazz per. the question, whether that's where the similarities end or begin. now to the medical involving pain killer. the drug is called zohydro. did the fda ignore warnings by
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approving it. >> reporter: dozens of doctors are up in arms urging the fda to revoke its approval of what they call a new dangerous high doegs drugs that can have up to 10 times more narcotic than vicodin. >> when you pack this into a single pill, it's easy for somebody to overdose and die. >> reporter: the fda's committee 11-2 against approve the dug but the agency did it any way. the concern is listed on the drug's prescribing literature. accidental consumption of one dose of its personally by children can result in respiratory depression and death due to an overdose of hydrocodone. the fda says it should be reserved for use in patients for whom alternative treatment options are ineffective, not tolerated or otherwise inadequate. and the drug's manufacturer says
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there is a documented patient need for an extended release hydrocodone medicine without ased men fen. we remain confident in the measures we have proposed to support safe use of zohydro er. and the fda is requiring more studies to look at risks and abuse with long term use. it hits the market this month. we turn out west into the big event of the weekend, the oscars. the headline behind one of the films for best picture, "american hustle" is based on an fbi sting that brian ross covered many years ago. knows firsthand. tonight he sits down with the con man behind it all. what he wants now. >> reporter: the movie "american hustle" is based on the real life fbi sting on congress. called abscam. it was a huge scandal when it was first revealed 34 years ago. one of the first big stores i
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broke as a network correspondent. investigators calling operation abscan the most important since water gait. captivating the country. it focused attention on the con man and fbi informant who was behind it all. in "american hustle" he is called irving played by christian bail. bail is a dead ringer for the actual con man and informant right down to the tinted glasses and hair comover. his name is mel weinberg. rooting for bail to win an os r oscar. that's you? >> yeah that's the way my hair combed over. >> reporter: weinberg's biggest complaint is the casting of his wife played by jennifer lawrence who he says seemed hotter than his miss rouse played by amy
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adams. >> it should have been the other way around. it should be always your wife. >> reporter: but weinberg says he is perfectly happy as he is portrayed as the great american hustler. still hoping something is in it for him now. >> maybe i'll see some money from it. >> reporter: from a true con man, that's always the bottom line. florida. the real man behind the movie. our thanks to brian and much younger brian. lifestyles of the niche and notorious. the escape routes revealed. the bottom of the bathtub. after that drug lord wanted in america is captured. and to this country's most expensive hz stayed yuls $60 million suddenly shut down. is that money well spent when we come back?
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tonight here some revealing photos emerging after the arrest of el chapo the drug lord arrested one week ago. now the elaborate homes and escape routes seen in the bathroom. abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: the world's most powerful and ruthless drug lord lived a modest life. his estimated net worth was $1 billion according to to forbe's magazine placing him on the world's most powerful list. live knowledge homes, seven in total, in mexico. newly released video and pictures reveal these houses. moveable bathtubs with steel ladders to a series of high-tech tunnels. lighting and air conditioning inside. the passageways leading to his other safe homes or water filled sewers that allowed guzman to
6:49 pm
elude authorities. he was arrested in a hotel last week. he escaped prison in 2001, awaiting possible extradition to the u.s. thanks to you. when we come back, an oscar quiz. which actress up for an oscar had more time on screen that anyone else. during much of that time she was simply breathing. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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football stadium costs taxpayers $60 million. now it's been shut down after two years indefinitely because of serious cracks in the concrete con course. to the oscars tonight. many of us captivated by her performance in gravity. we have learned that sandra bullock occupied a whopping 87% of the film's running time. an analysis by the new york times finds during most of her 75 minutes on screen she was simply breathing. it will be the center taking stage at the oscars tomorrow night. here's a preview. perrel rocking rehearsals. be happy, nominating song and another at the oscars. tony award winning animated
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we showed you earlier the red carpet not looking so red
6:57 pm
covered in plastic tonight. the rain expected to clear tomorrow making way for the dresses. who picks them? behind the scenes tonight. >> reporter: the awards may be presented inside. but these days outside on the red carpet winners and losers are also crowned. the stakes are make or break high. >> a dress can change things for girls. >> reporter: a fashion fail can hurt more than feelings. it can harm your career. two of the biggest celebty stylists pulled back the court obtain of that secret world for us. >> are these the oscar dresses? >> these are the oscar dresses. >> this thing must weigh ten pounds. >> at least. >> reporter: to snag one requires months of negotiations, strat guysing and sometimes even sharp elbows. >> only one person gets the dress. >> reporter: it helps when you have clients like she does,
6:58 pm
julianne moore, charlize theron, and scarlett johansson. she shows us some designs her clients have worn. >> this is an old dress. got mixed reviews. i really like it. >> reporter: this dress was largely panned. >> sin bon. >> it's been 1 pun% successful. >> you call her and say are you okay and she'll be like i'm fine the next time it's going to a home run. >> reporter: oosk it's not just oscar season. their busy year round. if you put a dress in one that someone has once worn? >> that is the death of a stylist. >> your walking down this red carpet and everyone is screaming your name. high stakes and nerves behind the scenes. our oscar coverage kicks off tomorrow 7:00 eastern and 4 pacific. here on abc.
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i hope to see you back here tomorrow night. good night.
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i'm eating the same candy you were eating at the beginning of the show. ye you ready? yes. stick out your tongue. let's see. okay. [ laughter ] we look like a pair of rolling stone albums here, don't we? [ laughter ] [ applause ] wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, pat sajak and vanna white. in progress. hey. it's teachers week. be on your best behavior, young lady. thank you,u, jim. thanks, everybody. you're so nice. we appreciate it. have a nice trip to the puzzle board. look at them grabbing those things.